Ribbon Hair Clips

Ribbon Hair Clips

Ever bought an outfit for you little one and didn't have the right hair clip to match it? You can design your own! Here’s a step by step that tells you how to make one.

What you need

Blank non decorated hair clip
Hot glue gun
Thin decorated ribbon (thin enough to cover the hair clip)


Begin by warming up your hot glue gun (be careful to not burn yourself, it’s very hot).

While the hot glue gun is warming up, measure the length of ribbon needed for the hair clip. Be sure to remember that you will need the ribbon to fold “into” the hair clip as well.

Cut the amount of ribbon needed; set aside.

After about 3 minutes of your hot glue gun warming up, apply a small even amount of glue onto the top view of the hair clip. Quickly, but carefully, apply the ribbon evenly onto the hair clip. Press and hold for about 15-20 seconds

After you have done that, turn your hair clip over and apply a small amount of glue on the two ends of the clip; fold in the ribbon and hold.

Now, cut a small amount of ribbon and attach the two ends together by gluing them together; press and hold. Apply a small amount of glue in the center of the folded ribbon; press and hold.

Now cut an even smaller piece of ribbon and wrap the center of the folded over ribbon; glue, press and hold.

Once you’ve done all of that, layer and glue the folded over ribbon onto the hair clip!


  1. They look so nice 🙂 what kind of clip do you need?

  2. Wow i just love those they r so cute

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