DIY Disney Moana Wreath

DIY Disney Moana Wreath

This DIY wreath is perfect for a Moana-themed birthday party. Use palm prongs and Hibiscus flowers to create this fun wreath or party backdrop.

What you need

Wreath Ring (Walmart it comes in a 3 pack, or try Joann fabrics, you can buy them singly there)

Palms leaves

Pink Hibiscus Flowers


Floral Tape 

Wire Cutters

Hot Glue Gun


This Moana-inspired wreath is perfect for party decorations or as a photo backdrop, use a larger hoop for a photo prop or make it smaller and gift as take-home party favors.  Here are some more of our Moana Party ideas for your DIY Moana party. This wreath is perfect for a tropical wedding also, use Wood sola flowers for a lasting wreath.

 Moana party Plates

Moana Party Printables

Moana Backdrop

Moana favors

Cut 4 pieces of palm with the wire cutters, leaving a couple of inches so you may attach them to the metal hoop.

The hibiscus blooms will simply detach themselves from the stems.

After that, cut a 6 inch strip of flowery tape.

Begin by winding the tape around the palm’s stem and then around the hoop. Repeat with the remaining three palms. (two per side)

Next, use hot glue to adhere the bottoms of the Hibiscus flowers (3) to the metal hoop in between the palms.

Allow for drying time before hanging them on the wall.

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