Recycled Sweater – Headband

Recycled Sweater – Headband

This recycled sewing project shows you how to sew a headband out of a sweater piece.

What you need

Old Sweater, Buttons, Sewing Machine


1. Measure your head and cut a 4′ wide piece from your sweater that is that long. So you want the measurements to be 4”x”the number you measured”.

Cut your sweater

2.  Hem the edges by folding the edges of the sweater piece over about 1/2” and sewing down.

Hem the edges

3. Sew 3 buttons onto 1 side of your sweater. Sew them on the top, with the hemmed edges on the backside.

Sew 3 buttons

4. Fold the opposite end of your sweater over overlapping the buttons, and using a light colored marker, mark where the buttons are.

Fold opposite ends

5. Snip button holes the size of you 3 buttons.


6. Wrap around your head and button up.

Wrap and go!


  1. Absolutely horrible. Looks exactly like what it is an old sweater cut up. Would anyone wear such a thing?. You can do better than this on this site.

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