Recycled Plastic Pumpkins

Recycled Plastic Pumpkins

This Halloween project uses an orange plastic table cloth which can be found in most Dollar stores in the party supply section to create a simple decoration.

What you need

Orange plastic party table cloth or other orange plastic.
Crumpled Newspaper or recycled plastic bags for filling
Permanent black marker pen
Elastic bands


You can use these as yard decorations by hanging them in a tree, or use them on tables filled with candy.

Start by cutting some circles out of plastic, the size of your circles depends on how big you want your pumpkin to be.

Whilst your circle is flat, draw on the face with a permanent marker.

Draw The Scary Face

Then fill with crumpled paper or crumpled shopping bags (for a full waterproof decoration).

Gather up the circle and secure with an elastic band.

Make 20 or 30 these to fill your tree (picture coming soon).

Secure to the tree with a wire (hook or fishing line). Or fill with candy and hand out to all the kids.


  1. I remember doing this as a kid with my parents but we used paper bags colored orange.

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