Valentine’s Day Craft: Chocolate Rose Bush

Valentine’s Day Craft: Chocolate Rose Bush

This Valentine's Day craft tutorial shows you how to make a beautiful rose bush for your Valentine. Take ordinary chocolate roses and turn them into something unique!

What you need

12 Chocolate roses
Green foliage or green ivy tinsel
30 cm 12 inch polystyrene craft cone
Craft Glue
Cut out Heart or other topper


Chocolate roses are in all the discount dollar tree style stores this time of year, but this craft shows you how to hack them into something special and not so dollatree like.

Start by removing the stems off your rose chocolates. Next glue the green foliage or tinsel onto the cone. This is used to create the bush effect and to hide the cone.

Using craft glue apply a little dab of glue to the wrapper of each rose and place onto the cone.

You can add some leaves into the gaps for a fuller look.

Finish off with a heart shaped topper, small inflatable balloon or other florist pick. You can walk into a florist and ask if they will sell you a small valentine pick to go onto the top.


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