Recycled Overalls Bag

Recycled Overalls Bag

For this project you will need a pair of old children's overalls from a thrift store. The larger the overalls the bigger you bag will be.

What you need

Child’s overalls
Sewing Machine


If your overalls has any pockets on the front it will make a great little mobile pocket on the outside of your bag.

Start by cutting the legs off, making sure to cut above the crotch or you will end up with a tuft.

Cut Pants

Turn the bag inside out and using an overlocker or a sewing machine sew across the bottom to close it up. Make sure you do 2 zig zag stitches on a sewing machine to strengthen it.

Trim off any threads and turn the right way out.


  1. twigglenuggets says

    This project is adorable! I made a bag for myself and I plan to use it. I’ve also decided to make one for my friend hoping that she’ll love it as much as I do. Also, does any one have an idea on how to decorate it too? I have plenty of extra fabric but I don’t know how to use it on the bag. Thanks!

    • Paula Barton says

      I have lined mine and added pickets to the inside lining! Love it! I will be using mine for my portable DVD player!

  2. I just received a donation of approximately 15 small to large adult sized overalls and wondered what to do with them, and voila’ here’s your idea. Thank you so much~! Today is Friday, August 10th and we’re going to make one today…

  3. I love it. it’s soooooooooooooooo cute

  4. Love it.

  5. I liked the idea I shop thrift stores and like looking at the baby clothes. I made this to hold my plastic grocery sacks.

  6. What a great idea for an easter basket. I am going to make 2 for the grandchildren out of their overalls outgrown. Could put lots of interesting things in it. Thanks for the awesome idea.

  7. Great Idea! Its so easy and looks so cool!

  8. crochets4preemies says

    What a great idea for a crochet bag! Can’t wait to go to the thrift store and stock up on kids overalls with as many pockets as possible to make the tote bags as Christmas gifts!
    The pockets would be great places to keep supplies like crochet hooks, small scissors,etc.

  9. So very sweet, cannot wait to hit the thrift store for a pair of overalls! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  10. ilovehorses says

    Super cute! I’ve made similar purses using the seats of jeans I outgrew. Thanks for the project!

  11. craftyangel5832 says

    This is so cute and can be used for so many things too. Make a great diaper bag especially if you find a pair that has lots of pockets. Just embellish to fit either boy or girl. i myself will probably make a couple of different sizes. One smaller one to carry my meds when i go to the Dr. and a larger one for the extra things i need when i go and spend the night with friends. They would be great for lots of things if you just think about it. Beach bag, toys bags, over night bag for kids even book bags…the list goes on.

  12. i did this project and its really easy and it holds alot of thing that i need. plus its very cute 🙂

  13. This is a creative project and it nice to see people recycling ………nice job!

  14. saiyidahdah says

    this is so cute! especially becoz u used yellow overalls!

  15. This so cute, would make nice gifts, I could go to my favorite thrift store and find lots of old childrens overalls.

  16. very cool

  17. I’ve been waiting for my grandson to grow out of his so that I can make a few.

  18. the instructions weren’t very clear so it wasn’t very easy to follow. However the conSept was very good.

  19. nice but i don’t know anyone w/ child overalls, so i might i have to go buy some =(

  20. CodyschicFrench says

    luv it !!!

  21. That is a really good idea! It is so cute! I might just make one myself! Thanx!

  22. i love how easy it is to make them!!!!:)

  23. Looks really nice.

  24. Don’t they look great? And who on earth calls them overall? I call em overalls! Great recycling project.

  25. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    Thanks for the spelling correction with over 2000 projects it’s hard to get them right everytime.

  26. Could it be that you mean crotch? (crutch is that Orthopedic aid…) also the correct term is overall – help the subject-verb agreement.
    I wouldn’t point all this out if I had been impressed with the project. (Some cute addition rather than just a seam.

  27. this idea is adorable!! 🙂
    i wish i had some overalls to try it 🙁

  28. Every piece made is special and unique!

  29. very cute!!!!!! luv it

  30. super cute!

  31. This is adorable and it looks easy! Can’t wait to try this out for school.

  32. i tryed this with a old mans pair of overalls and made a diaper bag it was awesome…i got so many looks and awwws

  33. this is really good for my project at school

  34. good idea..i will try it

  35. this is a very good idea i love making purses so i will try this and let ya know how it turns out!

  36. i made some with my mom’s old maternity overalls. i love how the handles face the other way so it has a custom fit and how you can partially remove the straps.

  37. cool I have done similar things this is nice

  38. I really like this idea!!!

  39. very cute and easy to make. I used my daughter’s favorite overalls. Now she can still enjoy them.

  40. i love it!!! extra fendy and when you add neon paint it makes a great combination. thanks a bunch 4 the idea! keep em comin’!!

  41. how about trying them on denim jeans (not the overall, the pants)? any ideas?
    the parts below the crotch could be sewn into straps..

  42. sweet


  44. Love this quick and easy project.I didn’t even have to buy the overalls as I had several on hand from my grandkids:)

  45. An overall skirt or dress could also be used. It doesn’t have to be pants overalls. This is a cute project. Thanks for the inspiration

  46. This was SO easy and Cute as a buton! What a GREAT gift to give a child care provider who LOVES kids!!

  47. That is a cute and very unique purse. I plan to make me one.

  48. I love this idea. I am going to make one for myself and my daughter to use as a library bag and beach bag. Thanks!

  49. Absolutely wonderful!I just couldn’t get rid of my boys things & now that they’re grown, I can carry something of theirs with me all the time! I watch the CLEARANCE racks & buy the overalls dirt cheap (mismatched outfits are the best)…make them & gift e

  50. very nice

  51. I inserted a oval piece of cardboard to allow the purse to stand when placed on any hard surface.

  52. LOVE IT! I had FLASHES of Overall outfits I saved of My little girls’.. NOW I know something I can do with a few! THANKS!

  53. Too Cute.

  54. i’ll definately try this

  55. I love it when i get home i am so going to try it!

  56. This looks so cute! I never would have thought of this! The only thig:It looks like it might be weird to carry…maybe its just how she is holding it in the picture…

  57. What a great way to use my son’s old overalls. Can’t wait to try it.

  58. catwidgreeneyes says

    this craft is awesome.i always wanted a bag like that but my mom wouldnt allow me to buy them.this is just fab!!!

  59. lilhuney39 says

    This was great!!! I’ve made 3 so far and am scouring the thrift stores for more overalls. I’ve sold them for 8.00 each

  60. i truly like this project, it’s easy and it was a good idea

  61. This workered great with my stained maternity overalls. Everyone loved it!

  62. Thank you for the idea of using the outgrown overalls.

  63. I like this type of bag as it can be made out of denim jeans and cords in many collours as wll and looks good for shopping or the beach.


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