Puzzle Photo Magnet

Puzzle Photo Magnet

This craft project is a great way to recycle those old puzzles that have pieces missing.

What you need

Large Puzzle Piece


This project uses a Jumbo piece from a child’s jigsaw puzzle.

Start by cutting a window into the puzzle so that you can insert your photo. You can cut it using some scissors or a craft blade.

Paint the puzzle piece then allow it to dry. You can finish it off with a spray of clear varnish.

Run some glue around the back of the puzzle and secure your card stock to the back of the puzzle piece. Glue on your magnet piece.

You can get magnets from your local craft store or use a recycled advertising magnet.

Cut your photo to size and you can now slip your photo into the frame from the front. You can decorate your frame further by adding small puzzle pieces, cut out hearts etc.


  1. Would be extra cute to have a few pieces that connected, then paint them different colors. Just a thought.

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