Pregnant Belly Balm

This recipe is fantastic for pregnant mums belly blues. Use this intense moisture balm to help eliminate stretch marks.

Pregnant Belly Balm

What you need

2 parts Cocoa butter
1 part Shea butter
1 part Mango butter
2 parts Virgin coconut oil
Rose geranium essential oil


Melt the butters together in a double boiler then add the remaining ingredients.

Pour into wide shallow pots or other suitable containers you can get your fingers into.

Remember to always check what essential oils are safe to use whilst pregnant before using.


  1. Excellent recipe…it does make for a very concentrated body butter..a little goes a long way I even use it in my hair as frizz control…just melt a small amount between your hands and apply the “melted” oil in your hair.

  2. I absolutely loved it! It helped so much thanks!

  3. where do you find mango butter?

  4. Mine came out as more of an oil than a balm. I love the idea and hope to make it work!

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