Knitted Pocket Soldier

Knitted Pocket Soldier

This knitting pattern shows you how to knit a very cute soldier perfect for little pockets or little hands. He is 6.5 inches tall.

What you need

small amount of royal blue / red / black / gold / and flesh colored Double Worsted (8ply) Wool
Size 5 US (9 UK) (3.75 mm) needles
Small scrap piece of red and black felt.
Toy Filling/Wadding


Using (royal blue) Cast on 13 stitches for the base.

1) knit twice into every stitch (26 stitches)

Knit 16 rows in stocking stitch

(Change to red)

Knit 24 rows in stocking stitch

(change to flesh)

Knit 12 rows in stocking stitch

(Change to black)

Knit 18 rows reverse stoking stitch ( the purl side becomes the right side)

(Purl 2 together) to the end (13 stitches)

Cut off yarn leaving a long length and thread this through your stitches, draw up and close the top of the head.

Stitch up the back, fill with stuffing then close the bottom by drawing up the cast on stitches. Shape the neck by running a stitch around the top of the body in red.

Now decorate with a chain stitch in gold wool as shown on the picture.

Make a hat strap with a chain from black wool

Cut out a mustache and eyes from your black felt and mouth from your red felt.

Make the buttons from the gold wool (French knots).

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