Plushie – Standing Dog

Plushie – Standing Dog

This sewing pattern shows you how to make a standing dog plushie which makes a great snuggle baby toy.

What you need

1/2 yard of polar fleece or woolen felt
2 buttons for eyes
1/2 inch ribbon for bow
Toy filling
2 skeins of embroider thread


Using the pattern below print off the pattern sheets to fit onto an A4 sized paper.

Dog Plushie Pattern 1

Dog Plushie Pattern 2

Cut out all your pattern pieces following the pattern sheets.

This pattern is sewn together using embroidery thread in a blanket stitch finish. You could also sew this pattern together using a sewing machine.

Sew inner leg to the body piece on both legs.

Sew down the back seam.

Sew in the tummy gusset.

Sew soles to the bottom of the feet.

Assemble the head

Stitch the head gusset to both sides of the head, the gusset goes from the nose to the back of the neck.

Sew the button eyes into place.

Stitch the ears into place.

Stitch the head to the body leaving a gap for filling.

Using Toy Filling or Wadding stuff the dog to suit your plumpness. Finish off by sewing the bottom closed.

All done!


  1. its cute but hard

  2. dancR4ever1504 says


  3. Lovely toy. I am confused with the patt tho. There doesn’t seem to be a body piece and do you need 4 leg pieces? Instructions say: Sew inner leg to the body piece on both legs. I can’t find the body piece to sew the inner legs to and what are the outer legs made from? Is it just me being dumb?

  4. i have to make this 🙂

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