Patriotic Bike Pom Poms

Patriotic Bike Pom Poms

Something for the kids to do in summer and at the same time inject some patriotic fervor in them! Have to create this decoration pom pom for their bikes!

What you need

– 6 Strands of Yarn — 55″ long
– 2 Pipe Cleaners
– Cardboard Rectangle — 2″ x 3″
– Scissors


1.  Take 3 strands of yarn and line up together.

2. Wrap the 3 strands of yarn around the cardboard square, wrapping the yarn around the longest side of rectangle.

3. Gently slide the yarn off of the rectangle, be sure  to keep the yarn in place.

4. Tightly wrap one end of a pipe cleaner around the middle of the yarn roll. Make sure the pipe cleaner has secured all of the yarn strands into place.

5. Use scissors to cut all of the loops of yarn on both sides of the pipe cleaner.  Cut so that strands are even.

6. Make a second pom pom with other materials.

7. Twist two pipe cleaners together so that the pom poms are on each end.


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