How To Make A Paper Snowflake

How To Make A Paper Snowflake

Ever wanted to make a snowflake out of paper? Yes? Here is your chance - using nothing but paper and scissors! Perfect for a Christmas decoration.

What you need

6 pieces of paper


For more detailed instructions and images, check out this updated project tutorial.

Paper Snowflakes

1. Get the first piece of paper, fold it so it makes a complete triangle (and when you unfold it, it will form a perfect square).

2. Cut off the piece at the bottom of the triangle (square when you unfold).

3. Make sure that the long crease is at the bottom and the one point is at the top.

4. Fold from the left corner to the right corner.

5. NOT the side you can unfold, but the other side the side that is creased. You need to get your scissors out and cut 5 slits in the CREASED side.

6. After cutting the slits, unfold the whole project.

7. The smallest 2 slits closest to the middle, pull them together, and tape little corners.

8. Flip paper over the NEXT corners closest to the middle…. pull together, tape corners

9. Flip over to same side as 7  just for the NEXT in line

10. Flip over to same side as 8 same as 9 & 8

11. Flip over to same side as 9 & 7. Same as 8 & 9 & 10

12. When you are finished with all of the slits, you figure should look like an icicle.

13. Repeat steps 1-12, for 5 more times

14. When finished with a total of 6 icicle look-alike figures, staple. (you are to gather all ENDS of one side of the icicle look-alike figures and staple)

15. Staple the LAST  corners that u taped on each side of the figure. This should make you figure turn into a snowflake

Hope you like it. I learned this at school. I have them all over my house. They look Amazing. Happy Holidays!


  1. for #3…maybe it should read.. “turn the triangle you just made so that the crease is on the bottom”? I dunno

  2. The “Clearer Instructions:” don’t help me. “Steps 3-4 as written.” refer to “3. Make sure that the long crease is at the bottom and the one point is at the top. 4. Fold from the left corner to the right corner.” Okay, but I have only one crease, not one long and one short. Also, I’m not sure which point is the ” one point”. I missed the step where the triangle points were numbered. I did fall back on my collage trig and when with the “first point but, that didn’t work. My daughter wanted to make this but with either or both sets of instructions, it just is not possible for us two dummies.

  3. Like everyone else… The pictures are beautiful and I would really like to make them but I was immediately turned off by the instructions. Why would you print something this vague and hard to follow? And why would you not provide pictures? Please re-think this and publish again.

  4. Clearer Instructions:
    Steps 1-2 basically have you making an 8 1/2 by 11 inch peice of paper into a square.
    Steps 3-4 as written.
    Step 5 make your cuts parallel to the LONG side, and cut straight lines along almost the whole length. The instructions say to make 5 cuts, but the picture looks like there are only 3.
    Step 6 as written. Your square should look like a series of diamonds nestled inside each other.
    Steps 7-11 starting in the middle, take the two loose corners of the smallest diamond, fold them in and tape them together. Alternately turn your paper over and tape the next set of corners together. I found it easier to put a pencil or marker in the middle of the paper to help fold corners around.

    Hope this helps!

  5. Like the other comments—this is WAY to hard to understand. Needs clearer instructions and photos. Why Craftbits didn’t you edit before putting it out there?

  6. like it but couldn’t understand you instructions would have been better with step by step pictures with the instructions how about it

  7. I did not try to make these. Your instructions are too vague

  8. is there a you tube video for this?

  9. It is really pretty and would love to make it but seems too hard to understand it needs pictures to go by.

  10. Instructions are not user- friendly. The project looks like it would add a beautiful decor to the holiday atmosphere if only you could figure out how to make them from the instructions.

  11. the instructions are hard to understand.

  12. i need to know how to fold the paper from the benining to the end show pictures or go into more detailes about the folding the paper .

  13. AH Ha! I figured it out! Cut the slits about 1/2 from original folded line. Then open up the paper. Tape like slits together, flip back and forth from one side to the other. when you have all of the six pieces done just staple the last X to another pieces X and staple one end to all the pieces

  14. This looks cute, but the instructions do not provide an understandable guide. How long are the cuts supposed to be. There is no instruction on how long to cut the slits. Cut most of the way across does not put the smaller cuts in the center/middle?

  15. I agree with everyone else. I would LOVE to make these stars. I tried and triedbut still don’t understand. How long do you cut the slits? Definately NEED photos! This would be a 5 star if there were more specific instructions.

  16. lovely idea – would really like to make them but instructions hard to follow without images to go with them. I see the other comments have not produced a result though. Pity.

  17. anychance you could possibly do step by step photos, looks beautiful tho, wana make all diffent colours

  18. I like the idea but I don’t understand the instructions.

  19. I really don’t get how the whole pulling up and taping corners part works. Can you please clarify?

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