Paper Mache Vase

Paper Mache Vase

Newspaper pieces into this beautiful paper mache vase? Yes? Learn how to make it with step by step directions.

What you need

Cardboard Box Card
Toilet paper
White Glue
Acrylic paint
Paint Brushes
Gloss Varnish (optional)


Blow a balloon the size of a basket ball.

Make a mixture of white glue and water and dip newspaper pieces into it. Start pasting the pieces on the balloon, leaving just a small space empty for the neck of the vase.

With a card board box card, make a cylinder and tape it to the balloon. This would be the neck of your vase. Make the flat base of your vase by cutting a piece of cardboard box card in a square and taping it on the balloon base.

To make the top of the vase rounded from the corners, roll together a long peice of tissue paper and glue it around the top of the cardboard neck.

Now, cover the entire object with newspaper pieces dipped in white glue.

Once covered and dried, you can add a second newspaper layer to make the object stronger. Let it dry.

Next, take pieces of tissue from the tissue roll and start pasting them over the newspaper covering. Cover the entire object with tissue. Keep adding layers of tissue until your object looks completely white after drying up completely.

Last, pop the balloon from inside the neck.

Your paper mache vase is now ready. Paint it with acrylic paints and make it look colourful and pretty. Give it a glowing look by adding a glow varnish cover over the paint (that’s optional).


  1. Sounds great, and reasonably easy! Might make it for my Gran, thank you.

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