Vintage Knitted Oven Mitts

Vintage Knitted Oven Mitts

A vintage pattern to create knitted oven mitts.

What you need

4 oz. (100g) Knitting Cotton
1 pair No. 2 (2.75mm) knitting needles
1 yard (1mt) of white tape



To fit an average-sized hand.


7 sts. and 8 rows to 2 inch.

Note. Use yarn double throughout.

To Make (2 alike)

With 2 strands of yarn, cast on 26 sts.
Work 6 rows in k.1, p.1 rib.

7th row: k.

8th row: p.

9th row: k2, k. twice into next 2 sts., k.12.

10th and alt. rows: p.

11th row: k.12, k. twice into next St., k.2, k. twice into next St., k.12.

13th row: k.12, k. twice into next st, k.4, k. twice into next st., k.12.

15th row: k.

17th row: k.12, k. twice into next st., k.6, k. twice into next St., k.12.

19th row: k.22; turn.

20th row: cast on 2 sts., p.12 (including 2 cast-on sts.); turn.

Thumb. Work 8 rows in (1 row k., 1 row p.) on these 12 sts.

Next row: *k.1, k.2 tog.; rep. from * to end of row.

Break yarn, thread through remaining 8 sts. and draw up tightly. Use yarn to sew edges of thumb tog. on the inside.

Palm. Next row: join yarn to inner edge of sts. on right-hand needle, pick up and k. 4 sts. from bottom of thumb, k. 12 sts. to end of row: 28 sts. on needle.

Work on these sts. in until work measures 3^ in. from first palm row.

Shape Top. 1st row: k.2 tog., k.9, k.2 tog., k.2, k.2 tog., k.9, k.2 tog.

2nd and alt. rows: p.

3rd row: k.2 tog., k.8, k.2 tog., k.2 tog., k.8, k.2 tog.

5th row: k.2 tog., k.6, k.2 tog., k.2 tog., k.6, k.2 tog.

7th row: *k.1, k.2 tog.; rep. from * to last St., k.1.

Cast off.

To Make up
Oversew sides of glove tog. on the inside. Cut a 6 inch (15 cm) length of tape, fold in half, tuck short edges in and sew fold of short edges to inside of glove at the bottom of the seam edge.

This pattern is a Vintage Pattern that may use vintage terms. This project has not been tested by for accuracy.


  1. 1 word yuck!!!

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