Memory Board

Memory Board

A memory board game to keep the kids occupied when at home.

What you need

Cardboard or Artists board
Fabric to cover board
Elasticated Ribbon


Take your fabric and and lay it face down on a flat surface. Place your board over the fabric and trim the fabric to the size of the board with a 1 inch allowance.

Run a bead of glue around the edge of the board and pull the fabric tight and glue the fabric down to the back of the board.

Allow it to dry.

Measure length of ribbon two inches longer than diagonal distance of board. Criss cross the ribbon over the center in both directions, gluing down on the back of the board.

Glue about an inch in length to secure the ribbons better. Measuring the distances 3 to 4 inches apart, continue the criss-cross method to create a grid of ribbon on your board gluing each end down on the back.

Allow the ribbon to dry then turn it over, you can secure the ribbon further by using gold thumbtacks at the criss cross sections or glue on decorative buttons.

Hang it on a wall hook or lean it up against your desk.


  1. this was a cool project but it would have been better if you would have put some more pics. and more detailed steps. Its nice though

  2. this was a neat idea but could there of been some pics. just so i could see the process visually. And dont need pins okay thanks love steph. thanks sheryl

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