Olive And Lime Glow Mask

Olive And Lime Glow Mask

This mask is easy to make and is very effective. The antioxidants and nutrients in this mask will soften, tone and revive mature skin.

What you need

2 tsp Olive oil
1/2 tsp of Lime juice


Mix ingredients and apply to face.

You can leave it on for 20 mins or depending on your skin sensitivity even leave it on overnight.

Rinse well with warm water.

This recipe yields enough for 2-3 facials.


  1. Deary Deary me. you people moan even if something is free!!

  2. Deary Deary me. you people moan even if something is free!!

  3. When you first put it on it will sting. Put don`t panic. It is just the lime juice. (It makes your face smooth and soft!)

  4. wouldn’t it get all over the pillow if you left it on all night????

  5. i used lemon juice as an alternative, and it left my face deathly pale! i suggest following the actual recipe for the best results.

  6. How do you remove the mask?

  7. this made my face silky smooth! 🙂

  8. to mister pillow case put on a old pillow case or wrap your pillow with somnthing like saran wrap!

  9. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    Lemon juice would be an alternative. As for the use it clearly states “depending on your skin sensitivity” in regards to leaving it on overnight.

  10. can you use lemon juice?

  11. It is indicated that you could leave this mask on all night!I disagree for several reasons. First:the mess that can be left on pillow cases. Second:even mature skin can Have problems.More info should be attached when publishing skin recipes.

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