Valentines Card – Thinking Of You

Valentines Card – Thinking Of You

A beautiful Valentine's day card that is sure to delight your loved ones - because it is hand made.

What you need

8 ½” x 11” brown cardstock
8 ½” x 11” yellow cardstock
8 ½’’x 11” patterned cardstock
8 ½‘’x 11” pink cardstock
Paper cutter
3 brads
Green ink pad
Pink ink pad
Brown ink
“thinking of you” stamp
Hole punch


1. Cut your 8 ½“x 11” in half. You should have two 5 ½“x 8 ½“ pieces of paper. Take one of the halves and fold it in half, this will be the base of your card.

2. Cut out six large flowers, at least 3 ½“. Three should be cut out of pink paper and three should be cut out of the pattern paper.

3. Cut out 3 small flowers in your yellow paper measuring 3”. *Ink* around the petals of the large flowers by taking your pink ink pad and brushing the edges of the petals along the ink pad. Wrinkle up the pattern petals. Be careful not to rip the petals.

4. Take your flowers and put them together. The order you want the flowers assembled are; pink, pattern and then the yellow. Glue the middle of the flowers so the petals stay free from the page.

5. Using your hole punch, punch out three pink circles. Glue them to the middle of the flowers that you have glued. Place the brads in the center of the flower.

6. Take some of the yellow paper and glue it on the upper right corner of your card. Stamp “thinking of you” in brown ink. Then glue your three flowers on the front of your card.

7. Curl the yellow flower petals in towards the center of the flower. You can use your finger or a pencil to curl it. Either will do fine

Now your handmade Valentine’s day card is finished.

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