Newspaper Bin

Newspaper Bin

Don't throw the newspaper into the bin. Make a recycled bin instead!

What you need

Sticky tape


Diagonal strips – (this is a single page turned onto its diagonal like a diamond and folded up).

Take 3 diagonal strips and wind them into a round disk, you will need to glue in each strip as you go.

Make a straight strip 1 1/2 inches wide out of a folded in half page and glue this to the outside of the round disk.

Make 16 tight rolls each from a single page folded to half page size. Tape them closed.

Take your sixteen rolls and insert and glue them onto the bottom disk spacing them evenly apart.

Make five 2 inch diagonal strips each from a full page and make four 1 1/2 inch wide strips each from a full page folded from top to bottom not diagonal.

Weave the strips in and out of the rolls, alternating from wide to thin strips as shown in photo.

Tape the ends together on the inside of the basket or secure with glue.


  1. this is very confusing

  2. ItsSewJudy says

    This is a super idea. I make baskets with newspaper. This seems like a lot of effort but it’s worth it and these bins last a long time. You can paint them or spray with a tinted sealer. Great project.

  3. I think It ts very uniqe in its own very special way. Sure it takes quit an effert… But isnt that what this web site is all about? Getting your eyes of the t.v and getting creative (eventhough I am watching t.v right now!). My name is Jen5na, the 5 is silent!

  4. how do you fold the “diaganals” and how do you turn them into a round disk???

  5. how do you wind them in a round disk

  6. Too much effort for a paper bin.

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