Kids Craft – Wooden Heart Frame

Kids Craft – Wooden Heart Frame

A perfect handmade gift idea for Valentine's Day - a frame with hearts all around it.

What you need

Wooden Hearts


Take ready made wooden hearts. Paint several of them in different colors (red/white/pink).

Then pick out a photograph (using a copy of one would be best).

Start with the larger hearts that you have painted and glue them directly onto the front of the picture making a frame.

It is best to use a photo that has a focal point but also some background that you can cover up with the wooden hearts.

Then continue to glue other hearts (smaller ones) on top of the larger ones until the entire picture is covered and basically “framed”.

Once the glue totally dries turn it over and glue magnets to the back of the photo. After that dries mount the picture/frame onto your fridge.

A visual image would be best to explain this technique but it is quite cute and would also make a good gift.

Contributed by Michelle


  1. im so doing this for a valentines day gift. thank you so much my mom and dad will love this… ♥ this is a perfect little project for anyone to do!

  2. So cute =)

  3. Very cute and useful. It will make a great gift for someone special.

  4. loved it..
    will defintely make one..!!!

  5. This was amazing!

  6. CUTE !!!!!!!!!!
    cant wait to make one!!!!!!

  7. Don’t like the idea of glueing right onto the picture and the photo is not that strong / sturdy so I’m not sure it will work well.

  8. says

    Great idea Michelle. Will try this for sure!

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