Mobile Phone Pouch

Mobile Phone Pouch

Create a mobile phone pouch from felt that you can button and clasp onto your main bag.

What you need

Felt or Denim
Needle and thread


The fabric in the tutorial isn’t felt, it’s denim because i didn’t have any felt left, i have also made these from foam and leatherette

1. This is the template for the 2 pieces:

Phone Bag Pattern

2. Cut your fabric according to the template, I used zigzag shears so the fabric won’t fray and this way I didn’t have to hem the edges.

Phone Bag Cut Felt

3. Embelish the front according to your taste you can use beads, felt, sublime stitching, applique… here a few examples.

phonebag4 phonebag5 phonebag7

4. Place the front and back pieces on top of eachother wrong sides facing:


5. Attach from 3 sides leaving the top open, I used hand stitching but it would’ve been neater and faster with a machine.


6. Attach a snap on the top of the handle from the right side of the fabric, and the other part of the snap to the top right corner of the body of the cozy, I used a snap in the green cosy, and Velcro on this one, the button is only decorative, of course you can use a button or a ribbon as well.


7. This is the finished cozy attached to a tote i made.

Finished Mobile Phone Pouch

This project was contributed by Lara


  1. awesome…..wanna try today..:-)

  2. i did this and i sewed it to my backpack as a hidden pocket

  3. OMG gonna ace this project!!!!!!! thanks!

  4. grr8!

  5. I love this. Very cute project. Would work with a variety of fabric types.

  6. love it going to make it for a skl project!!!!:D

  7. It is really looking very cute

  8. superb wow nice job

  9. omg this is sooo cute!
    i’m gonna make this for my mom’s 40th birthday <3

  10. I love this idea! When I get more felt I will make this!

  11. I did this and I love it!!! thank you!!

  12. easy yet vary nice thanks

  13. its great!!!!im goin 2 make one 4 my sis

  14. very handy. i’m gonna make it.

  15. This is so easy and fun! Mine looks so good!

  16. really nice n easy idea

  17. I liked it!Very good! keep it up!

  18. It is so cute! and to the guest that said it was plain, why don’t you make the phone pouch and add your own fancy touches to it. you dont have to copy the pouch entirely =)

  19. I love it! I’m going to try it out since I really need a case for my cell phone.It looks nice and is very creative. I will be the fashionista of my school.

  20. it is just too plain looking and wy would you spend the time on it when you could just bu y a much nicer looking one at a store maybe a few fancier details would be better 🙁

  21. it is a very good craft.Cool!

  22. They did ask me before posting this, thanks for the nice comments 🙂


  23. awww…it’s adorable!

  24. Everyone has a different sized mobile phone so measure it according to your phone and just follow the basic template design layout to suit your phone.

  25. What are the measurments for the pieces? Rambo1pitdwarf

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  27. kids at my afterschool club loved this, especially 9-11’s!

  28. that’s a nice easy idea. xmas gifts, here i come. i think if you use someone else’s pattern to make things to sell, bjptl, you gotta give them credit at least. (this is hpets360 from craftster)

  29. I am definately going to make this one,and poaaibly sell some. It is so simple,yet cute and practicle. Judy(bjptl)

  30. I love this. I’ll have to try it.

  31. Wow! Wonderful =] I made one to match every handbag I owned!

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