Mirror Learning Activity

Mirror Learning Activity

This activity teaches the child about reflections and how their body moves. It also builds their confidence with their own appearance and body parts.

What you need

Mirror for each group member


Play activities are not only a time for children to laugh and interact but also a time for children to learn.

Children of all ages and abilities should have the opportunity to learn and play with colours, texture and sounds.

Sit your group in front of a mirror, if you have large mirrors get two members to share and lay the mirror against a wall for support.

As they sit in front of the mirror or hold their hand mirror ask each member who he or she can see in the mirror. Explain to them that what they see is a reflection of them.

Talk to them about time when they may use a mirror, like in the bathroom for brushing their hair.

Using everyday activities, get them to imitate what they may do in the mirror, let them pretend to brush their teeth or get dressed and other everyday activities.

You can extend the activity by playing games such as Simon Says and have them touch parts of their faces.

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