Minty Fresh Hair Rinse

Minty Fresh Hair Rinse

This is a great way to get the smell of smoke out of your hair after attending a concert of club.

What you need

1/4 minty mouth wash
1 cup of warm water


Mix the mouth wash (any brand) with the warm water and wash your hair with it making sure to rinse out any excess.

It will leave your hair shiny and fresh smelling !!


  1. Only requirement is that it’s flavored, not “original”. I will try with Cinnamon mouth wash. Also, I am CERTAIN that it’s safe. If you use mouth wash in your mouth, why not in your hair?

  2. 1/4 of the cup or bottle?

  3. can i use the vanilla mint flavour?

  4. is it safe?

  5. WingedKitty says

    THANX! the kids de-tangler and this would work great! 😀

    P.S. I’m glad I found this site xD

  6. You rinse it out, but what would you store it in?

  7. i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. love1029384756 says

    leave in or wash out???

  9. interesting… i will try it

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