Mini Rustic Christmas Skis

Mini Rustic Christmas Skis

This Christmas craft tutorial shows you how to take some items for the Dollar Tree or Dollar Store and turn them into fun little ornaments, perfect for the holidays.

What you need

2 skewers
2 incense burner holders
various wood beads
white paint
Christmas craft pick
craft glue


This tutorial uses Dollar tree incense holders but you will find them at most discount supply stores.

Start by taking your holders and painting them white. You may need a few coats to cover the dark wood.

Whilst you are waiting for the paint to dry, create your ski poles. For this, you will need long bamboo skewers, beads and some cord or leather strapping to make the handles. If the handles are too complex for you, just add a bead or some straight twine around the top. The loops are kinda fancy and tricky, especially if you are making this craft with little kids.

For the base of the poles you can use metal washers, some foam or little wooden beads.

Finish off the skis with a craft pick and or ribbon.

This adorable Christmas craft was created and shared by Nathalie. T. Thanks for sharing your adorable Design Nathalie.

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