Penguin Napkin Rings Made With Polymer Clay

Penguin Napkin Rings Made With Polymer Clay

This craft idea shows you how to make a decorative Christmas penguin napkin ring using polymer clay.

What you need

Polymer Clay/Fimo
Cardboard roll
Clay tools
Rolling pin
Clay Varnish


You can use a empty toilet roll, foil wrap tube or small postal tube to create this napkin ring.

You need to cut the napkin ring to around 1 – 1 1/2 inch wide. You can paint it or cover it with Christmas wrap, felt or fabric.

Use the template below as patterns for your design. Roll each color of clay out to a flat piece big enough to cover the pattern piece you wish to make that color.

Penguin Napkin Ring Pattern

Cut out each paper pattern piece and place it over your clay and using a blade or scissors cut out the shape.

Layer the clay pieces as shown in the picture to finish off the penguin. Bake the clay as per the instructions on your clay package.

Finish off with a coat of clay varnish. Once dry attach the shape to the toilet paper roll.

Penguin Napkin Ring In Use

Penguin Napkin Ring In Use


  1. Mrs.Neena P. Kini says

    this is very cute penguin you are the best love you

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