Mason Jar Snowmen

This Christmas craft tutorial shows you how to make Mason Jar Snowmen for Christmas decorations

Mason Jar Snowmen

What you need

Recycled mason jars
White matt Spray paint
Fabric scrap
pom pom
Wobbly eyes
paint and marker pen for face


For this Christmas craft you need some basic crafting supplies. You will need some recycled mason jars that have been painted white. I recommend using spray paint for speed and accuracy but you can also use chalk paint and poster paint. If you are using poster paints paint the inside of the glass, not the outside as it will be far more durable and have a high sheen.

Start by drawing your facial features into place. For small kids you could use felt noses that they can simply glue into place. Add the craft eyes and mouth.

The scarf is made using fabric scraps but you could use ribbon too.

The beanie is a sock that has been cut shorter and glued into place. You may want to choose Christmas printed socks for a fun version.

Finish off with ribbons and pom pom.

A big thank you to Brenda D for sharing her adorable craft with us. Brenda is a member of our Christmas Crafts & DIY Facebook group.

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