Memory Game

Memory Game

The name of the game is MEMORY GAME. The way you play is to match two same lids. You can match stickers or pictures of family members.

What you need

6 Juice can lids
6 Stickers/ 1 pair in 3 different shapes
Or 6 Family photos / 1 pair of 2 different people
Tacky glue



It’s a great way to develop memory skills. A fun way to share with your child his favorite stickers. Or maybe introduce them to the family.

To start, you will need to clean 6 juice lids. I prefer the ones on frozen juice cans.

Next select, 3 different stickers or pictures. You will need another EXACT set of each.

Tip: If using pictures, get double prints when developing. Or get photocopies of each.

Attach stickers or pictures to back of lids. For another added detail, write a title name to each set.

Show your child the three sets.

Explain to them the rules: Only two lids can be facing up at a time. Turn over one lid and try to remember where the other EXACT match is.

Then, turn over the choice. If they don’t match start again.

The game ends when you have found all three sets.

Turn over all the lids. The MEMORY GAME has begun 🙂

What do you think of this project? Let us know!