Blackhead Removal Peel

Blackhead Removal Peel

This is an all natural recipe for removing blackheads. And it works!

What you need

Powdered Gelatin (unflavoured)


1. Spoon a small amount of gelatin into a small microwavable container.

2. Add a small amount of milk so the gelatin is saturated, but still thick.

3. Microwave for about 20 seconds (until warm).

4. Using a brush, apply to any areas with blackheads.

5. Wait for mixture to dry on face (or become like latex). Then peel off.

Proceed with rinsing your face.


  1. If you use sugar free it works but if there is sugar it leaves a big sticky mess. And if you use unflavored its white so you can see all the dirt it pulls off!

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