Little Treasure Box

Little Treasure Box

Pirates of all ages will love this craft. It's fun to make and very addictive!

(Note that the image below is for representation only and not a real project image).

What you need

Cigar box
Felt for lining
Metallic print wrapping paper
Jewels any color
White glue and jewel glue/glue gun
Paint brush.


Cut wrapping paper to cover the out side of the box and to go just inside the lid and inner box 1/4 inch.

Use brush or fingers and cover top of box with white glue. Place the wrapping paper over the box carefully so as to not have bubbles. Press gently but firmly to secure paper.

Open the box so you see the inside of the top of the box as there is paper now hanging from the top, brush glue around inside top edge of the box and fold paper to the inside. Press down.

Do the same to the bottom half of the box.

Now you can cut the felt to the size of the inside of the box. Do the bottom and top first. Glue in place with the white glue.

Measure out the inside sides and glue in place. It can’t go past the lid or bottom box it must be even or lid won’t close. Don’t close box till dry.

Than glue on jewels and pearls to decorate the top.


  1. It needs a picture

  2. It needs a picture

  3. It sounds good but it needs a picture please :s xx

  4. it sounds like an awsome craft to make

  5. this sounds really cool. its my next project(well after the button bracelets)

  6. its fun but kinda confusing

  7. It was really fun and easy to make and my children just adored the end result.

  8. I Saw the title of this, and got excited, but it really needs a photo.

  9. Doglover1028 says

    photo please

  10. meeds photos!!!!!

  11. I would like some photos of this.

  12. Great idea! Another idea for this is you can use different strips of wrapping paper prevent bubbles and it makes it a bit more wild.

  13. This idea is so simple and creative. I love it!

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