Rice Paper Decoupage

Rice Paper Decoupage

In this project we show you how to rice paper decoupage items for a revamped or decorative look. This method is ideal for re-covering broken ornaments, vases or you can use it for boxes, jars and tins.

What you need

Sheets of Rice Paper
White Wood Glue
Paint brush
Something to Decoupage


We have decoupaged the above bottle and finished it off with a felt lid cover.

To rice paper decoupage you start by selecting a small print or plain rice paper print.

Then take the paper and tear it up into 2 inch squares smaller if you are working with something under 10 cm’s in height.

Your torn pieces do not have to be exact or neat.

Mix the white wood glue with a little water so that it is easier to spread – a nice runny cream consistency is ideal.

Take your bottle, box, ornament and start applying the rice paper one torn piece at a time. Use your paint brush to push the paper into the object smudging it into any curves and edges.

Then take your next piece and overlap it over the first. Add a little glue to the top of each piece to hold it down as you go, don’t worry it will dry clear.

Continue doing this until the whole object is complete.

Let it dry before coating it once more with the glue for a durable finish or use a spray varnish or liquid varnish for a more professional look.


  1. Judy Lindsey says

    Where do we buy the pretty rice paper from.
    Love the beautiful colors.

  2. I needed a fresh reminder of how to do the step by step method of rice paper decoupage…so thank you. I can now complete my large bear.

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