Rope Placemat & Coaster Set

Rope Placemat & Coaster Set

This free tutorial shows you how to make a coaster and placemat set using hardware or garden rope.

What you need

10mts or around 10 yards of Garden Rope
Hot glue gun or craft glue
Pins or nails
cord board or thick card board


To start you will need a thick piece of cardboard or a piece of cork to use as you construct the pieces. As you are gluing your circles you will nail or pin the rope into position onto the cork or card whilst it dries. The card or cork is removed once the glue has set.

The hardest part is the starting twist as you need to bend your rope as tight as you can to begin your circle. Use lots of pins or nails to secure it whilst it glues. Continue to wrap the rope around until you reach your desired size.


Once you reach the end cut the rope and apply glue to the tips to stop it fraying.

Continue this technique until you have all your coasters and place mats finished.



  1. marjorie a kinne says

    How to find the rope is the hardest part of the project

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