Little Felted Baby Card Idea

Little Felted Baby Card Idea

This card making project shows you how to make an adorable Little Baby Card.

What you need

5″ by 7″ white folded greeting card with envelope
5″ by 5″ burgundy cardstock
“Baby” theme scrapbook embellishments including letters
Craft stick glue


First take your white folded greeting card and cut 2″ off on your right hand side of the card. So now you should have your left side of the card flip open.

Now, carefully glue your burgundy cardstock onto the left flip open card side.

Once you have done that place your “baby” embellishments anywhere you would like.

Place a long and big embellishment on the right hand side of the card where the white is showing.

All done!


  1. This card is really unique, because it doesn’t open up like other cards. It’s really special and super cute too!! I’m going to try making it in different colors and being creative!! You will love it because it’s really easy to do.

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