Woven Wool Art

Woven Wool Art

These wonderful stars can be made in many different sizes, all you have to do is alter the size of your sticks.

What you need

2 chop sticks or garden stakes or tooth picks


Start off by lashing the two sticks together. Do this by forming a cross with the sticks.

Using the wool tie these sticks together by lashing a knot over the two sticks.


Weaving can be done in multiple ways from loops around the sticks for an inverted look to a simple under and over method which is what we used.

Simply take your wool and keeping it firm go under and around each stick before continuing on.

Change colors by tying in a new strand.

Kids can make these with ease.

Let  them loose on the lashed cross and allow them to twist and loop as they like. They can fill it gaps by later by weaving in lengths of ribbon or gluing on wood shapes.


  1. in school we called these gods eye and used popsicle sticks

  2. SO EASY! already knew how to make one (because of my sister)

  3. I remember doing these at school they were so neat and had so much fun doing them

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