Knitted Red White Blue Bag

Knitted Red White Blue Bag

This entire bag is knit using two strands of yarn together. This is a free pattern, but please note the restrictions at the bottom.

What you need

Red Opal Mosaic No. 1115 (2 skeins)
Blue Opal Mosaic No. 1112 (2 skeins)
Ecru Opal Uni-Solid No. 1997-20 (2 skeins)
Or substitute Opal Crocodile I No. CR-0 (Red) and CR-5 (Blue) for a different look.
2-8″ Round Bamboo Purse Handles
24″ Size 6 Circula


HANDLE FLAPS: Seed Stitch:

Row 1: *K1, P1, Repeat from * to end of Row
Row 2 *P the K stitches, K the Purl stitches from the preceding row. repeat from * to end of the row

With Size 2 needle, and two strands of Red Cast on 91 sts. DO NOT JOIN, THIS PART WILL BE WORKED BACK AND FORTH IN ROWS. Work the Seed Stitch (see above) until handle flap measures 2 1/4 inches, OR until piece will wrap around the bamboo handle bottom without stretching. Cut yarn, leaving enough to weave in ends later.

Either use another Size 2 needle OR put the piece just worked on a stitch holder. Make a second Handle flap as above BUT DO NOT CUT THE END.

Remove the first handle flap from the stitch holder, by placing on the round needle. Work a seed stitch row, joining the two pieces at both ends as you come to them, being careful not to twist the stitches. Once joined, place beginning of round marker.

Work 3 rows of seed stitch. NOTE: at one of the ends there may be two k or 2 purl sts together. This is ok, just continue knitting the purl, and purling the k stitches.

Cut yarn, change to size 6 needles and join 2 strands of Ecru

WHITE STRIPE (basketweave pattern):
Knit one round,then:
Round 1: *Sl 2 sts to the size 5 dbl pointed needle, hold to the back of the work, K2, K2 off of the dbl pointed needle, Rep from * end K2
Round 2: K
Round 3: K2, *sl 2 to dbl pointed needle, hold to front of work, K2, K2 off dbl pointed needle. *Rep from * to end of round
Round 4: K
Repeat rounds 1-4 Two more times (a total of 12 rounds)
Cut yarn and attach 2 strands of Blue yarn

BLUE STRIPE (ripple stitch):
Knit one round, then:
Round 1: K6 *P2, K6, Rep. from *
Round 2: P1 *K4, P4 Rep from * end K4, P1
Round 3: P2 *K2, P2 Rep from *
Round 4: K1, *P4, K4, Rep from * end P4, K1
Round 5: K2 *P2, K6 Rep from * end P2, K2
Repeat rounds 1-5 one more time (a total of 10 rows).
Cut Yarn and join Red yarn

RED STRIPE (seed stitch)
Knit one row. then:
Round 1: *K1, P1 Rep from * (it might end up that the first stitch of this round and the last stitch are the same, donýt worry about it, just keep in pattern EXCEPT for these two stitches
Round 2: *P the Knit stitches, Knit the P stitches, Rep from * to end, again first and last stitch of the round may be the same, just keep in pattern EXCEPT for these two stitches.
Repeat Rounds 1 and 2, Five times more (total of 12 rounds)
Cut yarn and attach the Ecru. Then:
Repeat pattern for the White Stripe,
Repeat pattern for the Blue Stripe,
Repeat pattern for the Red Stripe,
Repeat pattern for the White stripe
THEN: Repeat pattern for Blue stripe BUT DO NOT CUT YARN.

After knitting the blue stripe, begin the base of the bag:
Purl 1 Round
Decrease Rounds: (Change to size 6 dbl pointed needles when necessary)
Round 1: *K 10, K 2 together Rep from * end by knitting the last odd stitches
Round 2: K
Round 3: Repeat Round 1
Round 4: K
Round 5: Repeat Round 1
Round 6: K
Round 7: Repeat Round 1
Round 8: K
Round 9: Repeat Round 1
Round 10-14: K
Round 15: Repeat Round 1
Round 16: K
Round 17: Repeat Round 1
Round 18: K
Round 19: *K6, K 2 tog, Repeat from *, knitting last odd stitches
Round 20: K
Round 21: Repeat Round 19
Round 22: K
Round 23: *K5, K 2 tog, Rep from * knitting last odd stitches
Round 24: K
Round 25: *K4, K2 tog, Rep from * knitting last odd stitches
Round 26: *K3 K 2 tog, Repeat from * knitting last odd stitches
Round 27: K
Round 28: Repeat round 26
Round 29; *K2, K2 tog, repeat from *, knitting last odd stitches
Round 30: Repeat Round 29
Round 31: Repeat Round 29
Round 32, *K1, K2 together
Round 33: *K2 together, rep from *, knitting last odd stitches
Round 34 to the end, Repeat Round 33 until down to 4 or 5 stitches
Cut yarn, leaving a 5 or 6″ tail, draw yarn through the remaining stitches, and tie knot on WS of work, and weave in ends.

On the RS of work, find center of the red handle flap, and mark the center where the RED and WHITE stripe meet. Measure 1 1/2 ” to the left of the center and mark it with a pin. Then measure the same 1 1/2 ” to the right side of center and mark with a pin. With the bag bottom down, and handle flap up, from the right to left pick up 21 stitches using 2 strands of BLUE and size 6 needle. Work in seed stitch for 5″. For the next 19 rows, Continue working in Seed stitch, but decrease by K2 tog at beg of each row until you are down to 2 stitches. B/O, weave in ends on wrong side.

Step 1: Weave in all remaining ends on WS of bag
Step 2: Stitch handle flaps around bamboo handles, with seam on WS of bag.
Step 3: Sew large Red Star button on the BLUE flap that closes the bag.
Step 4: Evenly sew 2 Blue Star Buttons on each side of the front of bag, leaving enough space for the blue flap to hang over and close. (sew on top white stripe)
Step 5: Evenly sew 5 Blue Star Buttons on back of bag. (sew on top white stripe)
Step 6: Sew Velcro on the blue flap to hold bag closed, also sew the 2nd piece of the Velcro to the bag itself where the Velcro will match up with the piece on the flap.
Step 7: (Optional), line inside of bag with fabric, leaving a generous amount of fabric inside so that bag has some “give”.
Step 8: Cut a circle out of cardboard, to slip in the inside of the bag to give it a sturdy base. Line the cardboard with the fabric that you lined the bag with. AND ENJOY!

(C) 2005 All rights reserved. No portion of this pattern may be photocopied or reproduced by any means without written permission from the contributor.

This pattern is free for the taking. We just ask that you please respect the copyright and give credit where credit is due. Thank you.

This project was contributed by PT Yarn


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