Jingle Bracelets

Jingle Bracelets

This quick kids Christmas craft makes an adorable bracelets with jingle bells on it.

What you need

2 12″ wire Chenille stems (pipe cleaners) in two contrasting holiday colors
4 medium sized jingle bells
Assorted beads and shanked holiday buttons.


Bend one end of the pipe cleaner about 1/2 an inch from the end. Bend it into a small circle.

Twist the second pipe cleaner into the loop of the first.

Thread a bell onto the pipe cleaner.

Twist the wires to hold it in place. Add beads and or buttons, and evenly space the bells along the wire.

At the end, take about 1/2 inch of the contrasting wire’s end and bend it into a hook.

Bend the wires into a circle shape.

Use the hook to attach the ends to make a removable bracelet.


  1. I’m sure this makes a lovely bracelet, but the instructions are difficult to understand: which pipe cleaner, what wire?

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