Jar Of Hugs And Kisses

Jar Of Hugs And Kisses

This Valentine's day craft project shows you how to make a jar of decorative hugs and kisses.

What you need

Pink and Red Acrylic paints Decorative Jar with lid (cork or screw)
For Baking Dough you will need:
3 1/2 cups of flour
1 cup of salt
1 1/2 – 2 cups of water


Start by mixing your dry dough ingredients with a small amount of water. Your dough needs to be moist but not stick to your hands. Knead the dough until it is a soft smooth ball.

Roll out your dough and using a sharp knife or a heart shaped cookie cutter cut 3- 4 hearts out of the dough (make sure they are small enough to fit into your Jar bottle).

Set the hearts down onto a lined baking tray and proceed to cut out some X’s for Kisses.

You can make a long roll of dough and cut it into lengths to form a cross.

Place these onto the baking tray and place into a pre- heated oven (around 200’C) until the shapes are hard and golden.

Allow the shapes to cool.

Paint them using the acrylic paints.

We painted ours pink for the hearts and red for the kisses.

Once the paint has dried, place them into the jar and secure the lid.

It would be nice to tie a nice big bow of ribbon around the lid along with a small gift card saying “Love and Kisses” On Valentine’s Day.



  1. I love this project. Simple and fun and mothers love it.

  2. This was great project and easy to put my own creativity into. Cheers.

  3. I would do it but my mom & dad r in the kitchen 24 7 😉

  4. cute but it needs something more

  5. I dont think that you should use clay for the whole top, and instead of clay hearts or whatever those are. You can fill them with real candy. And little love notes like “Always on my mind” ect. ect. And put ribbon on the top and a little not out of red or pink construction paper

  6. Why not use this idea to cover the lid, then, fill the jar with Hershey’s Hugs, and Kisses????

  7. I loved it. I think it’s a good idea. My mom and grandma loved it too.

  8. this is probally the best craft ever!!! i loved it!!! avani

  9. sweat

  10. i think its a really cool keepsake. my mom would probably love that if i could bake without her seeing!

  11. I did this before but I used hersheys hugs and kisses candy. It was easier and still cute.

  12. so cute

  13. i thought it was a smart idea for children but too broing for adults. i disliked the fact that u had to use baking in this project cuz it took to much time. i will try to make this project differntly in differently.i will send pictures.. happy valentine<3

  14. omg amaziiinnng! ,y boyfriends gonna luv it.

  15. I’m making one for my bff jessi now!!!!!

  16. that is so cute luv the idea

  17. that is such a cute idea!

  18. this is simaler to a box of love..but with a box of love the box is empty but is filled with love!

  19. my 17 kids liked it

  20. i thick this is great ,my kids loved it too

  21. llmcd@tds.net says

    Nice job! Good idea and instructions.


  22. We used this idea for real sugar cookies. My son (2)& daughter (4)were so proud. They gave the cookies to their Dad for Father’s Day. *Brenda*

  23. Have made these once out of biscuit dough, wrapped them and gave to mothers for mothers day gifts. Had to use pink icing as we could not get the dough a nice enough colour. They were a hit.

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