How to Make a Neon Cord Twine Necklace

How to Make a Neon Cord Twine Necklace

This necklace and earring set are created using Neon cord and twine. Both were bought from a hardware store.

What you need

Neon Cord – string line from hardware or craft store
String Twine
Rubber placemat for backing or cardstock
silver clasp
earrings hooks
Jump Rings
Craft Glue


To begin this project you need to cut up a place mat or similar backing. I used an old Christmas one. Using the clasps I clamp each on into the centre of my pieces.


I am going for a round pendant and oblong earrings. The cords I used are actually from a hardware store but you can use whatever it is you have available.


Start by applying a thick layer of glue to the base of your first piece. Then using fiddly fingers twist the yarn around onto the circle making sure it sits close but not overlapping.


Once you are happy, trim the ends and add some extra glue to stop the cords from fraying.


Do the same things for the earrings. Once finished allow to dry before attaching the earring hooks and jump rings.

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