How to Make A Bath Scrubbie Soap

How to Make A Bath Scrubbie Soap

This tutorial shows you how to create an exfoliant melt and pour bath soap using a bath scrubbie.

What you need

1 bath scrubbie
Melt and pour soap base
Wide Glass
Optional scented oils


For this tutorial we used the Melt and Pour Soap method using a ready made Melt and Pour Soap base

I melted the soap base in the microwave at 30 second intervals until melted. Once it has cooled slightly add your color and fragrant oils. For this soap we went with a peach scent.


Take your nylon bath scrubbie and push it into the glass jar. Make sure the string on the scrubbie is centred and standing upright.

Pour the soap into the glass covering as much as the scrubbie at the bottom as possible.

Once set remove from the class and allow to cure for several days until hardened.

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