Upcycled Placemat Christmas Tree

Upcycled Placemat Christmas Tree

This quick Christmas craft project shows you how to make a lighted Christmas tree using dollar store placemats and battery lights.

What you need

Plastic Place mat (Christmas themed)
Battery operated or solar Christmas lights
Craft glue or clear tape.
size 35 cm-16 inch


The tree is simple enough to use as a kids craft project for classrooms or Sunday school activities and lesson plans.

Start by choosing a place mat that is thin enough to let the light shine through.

Inexpensive plastic mats are perfect for this.

Fold into a cone and secure with tape and cut off any excess at the bottom.

Simply pop the battery operated lights inside and secure with sticky tape if you would like them evenly spaced inside.

To avoid any fire hazards I recommend turning this off when not under supervision just to be safe.

Wrapping Placemat tree

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