Vintage Hot Water Bottle Cover

Vintage Hot Water Bottle Cover

This pattern is a Vintage Pattern that may use vintage terms. This project has not been tested by for accuracy.

What you need

2oz (50g) Purple wool
2oz (50g) Mulberry wool
2oz (50g) Lavender wool
1 pair No. 7 needles
1 No.4-00 (ISR) crochet hook
2 Buttons



ll.5inch x l0inch (29cm x25.5cm) Tension

8 sts to 1 inch (2.5cm)

Note: Use yarn double throughout.


Using No. 7 needles and 2 strands of purple cast on 65 sts. 1st row (Wrong side) P.

2nd row (Kl, yarnfwd, K4, sll, K2tog, psso-pass slip stitch over, K4, yarnfwd, Kl) 5 times. Rep last 2 rows twice more.

Break off yarn leaving ends to darn in.
Join in 2 strands of mulberry. Rep first and 2nd rows 3 times.
Break off yarn as before.

Join in 2 strands of lavender. Rep first and 2nd rows 3 times. Break off yarn as before.

These 18 rows form the pattern and are rep throughout. Continue in pattern until work measures ll.5in ending with the last row of a color stripe.

Cast off purlwise.


Work as given for back. To make up Press pieces lightly under a damp cloth with a warm iron.
Using No.4-00 (ISR) hook and 2 strands of purple work 1 row of dc round each edge of front and back.

With RightSide of front facing join front and back by working 1 row dc through both thicknesses from front edge down side and to within 1.5 in
of centre on lower edge. Break off yarn. Leave a Sin gap for base of bottle and rejoin yarn finishing lower edge and other side, then complete by working 1 row dc across top of front only making 2 button loops of 3ch each l inch in from either side. Fasten off.

Finish off ends and re-press. Sew buttons to correspond with button loops.


  1. On the page before you come to the pattern it does say to use Medium weight/worsted and aran.

    I have not tried the pattern yet but have read the instructions and it seems pretty well straight forward.

    Hope the above helps the lady who queried the ply specification.


  2. The pattern doesn’t specify the ply of wool the pattern is meant for.

  3. Too add a pocket just knit a rectangle cast off and sew it on. Easy

  4. I have a similar pattern (pages missing) that has a pocket across the front to put your bedsocks inside and keep them warm, can you find me a pattern to make this, I’m no good at designing patterns. It’s a shell type of design,insert is across full width

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