Word Art Bricks: Christmas And Thanksgiving

Word Art Bricks: Christmas And Thanksgiving

Create these fun holiday bricks that are reversible to display a Christmas saying and something for Thanksgiving. Very cute for your yard.

What you need

2 Bricks
Acrylic Paint
Paper Letters
Mod Podge
Paint Brush
Glitter Spray


1. Paint one side of your bricks with a golden yellow acrylic paint, and the opposite side with red acrylic paint.  The yellow paint took 3 coats to get fully covered & the red paint took 2 coats.

reversible holiday bricks (3)

2. Paint on any patterns you like. I painted orange chevrons onto the yellow sides of the bricks.

3. Use your letters to spell out “Give Thanks” & “Merry Christmas”. Brush mod podge onto the back of each letter and adhere them down onto the bricks. Give Thanks on the yellow side and Merry Christmas an the red side. Give them a second coat of mod podge to seal the letters.

reversible holiday bricks (6)

4. Doodle or embellish your bricks. I used black and white paint markers to doodle on my bricks- Black leaves on the Thanksgiving side and white snowflakes on the Christmas side.

reversible holiday bricks (5)

5. Give both sides of your bricks a coat of glitter spray for extra sparkle.

6. Display on your porch and flip them around after Thanksgiving is over!

reversible holiday bricks (1)


  1. Robert F Byrd says

    very nice

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