Muffin Mold Candles

Muffin Mold Candles

For this project we layered up muffin mold candles to create two different tower candles. Rather than use your best muffin trays pick some up from a second hand store.

What you need

Tin Muffin Mold
Basic Candle making Supplies


Spray your mold with the release agent and fill your mold with the wax our tower is 5 high but you can add more or less.

Once the wax has cooled, put a hot skewer through each one to thread the wick through your tower.

The second one was made placing the mold in alternate directions.

To learn how to make candles check out our Basic Candle Making Project


  1. raspberryjell-o says

    so chic and easy. i’ll give it five stars!

  2. ive done this before, but with those silicon muffin molds, it works great and the candles just pop out!

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