Quick Halloween Treat Bag: Paper Bag Pumpkin

Quick Halloween Treat Bag: Paper Bag Pumpkin

This quick kids halloween craft project show you how to make a paper bag treat bag that looks like a halloween pumpkin.

What you need

Paper bag
Orange Paint
Green craft paper or crepe paper


These treat bags are quick to make making them perfect for parties and group craft projects.

Start by painting the paper bag orange and allowing it to dry.

Take your green paper and make the green stems for the top of the bag. Do this by folding a long strip and cutting triangles out of the length as shown in the picture.


Glue the green strip down into the flat paper bag as shown.


Fill your bag with candy treats and secure with a rubber band of firm twist of the bag.

If you are making this project with young children you can use green curling ribbon for the top stems or crumpled crepe paper.



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