Button Wall Art Project For Fall

Button Wall Art Project For Fall

Using autumn themed buttons and some scrapbook papers, create this lovely art for fall that evokes the changing colors and themes across the season. It's a beautiful themed wall art for your next project.

What you need

24” x 16” Canvas
4 12 x 12” Autumn Scrapbook Papers
Autumn Themed Buttons
Paper Trimmer
Mod Podge
Paint Brush


1. Cut your Scrapbook papers into 12 ” x 8” pieces. You can use 4 coordinating designs if you want, I used 4 different Autumn themed/colored patterns.

2. Brush modpodge onto the back of each piece of patterned paper and adhere one to each corner of the canvas.


3. Choose your buttons. I purchased a pack of Autumn themed/shaped buttons, but you can just use Autumn colored buttons in maroons, oranges, etc.


4. Lightly write your letters in pencil as a guide, placing one letter in the middle of each patterned paper, making sure they are even.


5. Using a strong adhesive, (E6000 is a good glue, but it does have some strong fumes, so go outside if you’re using it!) Adhere your buttons along the pencil guide your sketched. Let them dry completely.


6. Hang up on your wall!



  1. I think it wouLd be a nice piece of art to hang in a nursing home…do all the seasons to change the art as the seasons come and go.

  2. This was an awesome craft to work on. It turned out great!

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