Halloween Spell Book Ornament

Halloween Spell Book Ornament

This fun ornament would look cute hanging on a Halloween tree, from a knob or sitting on a shelf. It's a quick last minute Halloween Craft idea!

What you need

– Paper mache’ book shaped ornament
-Grey Acrylic Paint
-Cream Crackle Paint
-Black Stamping Ink
-Stamps (small skull, vintage labels, words)
-Black Marker
-Cream Cardstock
-Purple Rhinestones
-Image of Vintage Girl
-Witches Hat Eyelet
-Small Glass Bottle Charm with Cork
– Tiny Beads
-Threads and Fibers
-Silver Tinsel Strand
-Glue Stick, Double Sided Tape and Liquid Glue


-Paint the inside and out of a paper mache book shaped ornament with grey paint and let it dry.

Note: If you can find a paper mache’ book you could also use a small wooden box or mint tin, be sure to prep the surface (sanding and/or gesso)properly before painting.

-Paint crackle paint over just the outside of the book and let it dry. As it dries it will begin to crackle and show the grey paint underneath. You can speed up the drying with an embossing heat gun. Be sure to follow the directions of the crackle paint you are using, different brands may vary.

-Cut out a vintage image of a little girl (collage sheets are great sources or photo copy an old photo or find one on-line) and glue her to the front of the book.

-Using liquid glue adhere the witch hat eyelet to her head. If you don’t have one you could cut or punch out a hat shape.

-Using the black ink pad stamp three tiny skulls down the front of the book, next to the girl.

-Adhere the rhinestone to the eyes of each of the stamped skulls and one on the center of the witches hat.

-On cream cardstock stamp out two small labels using the black ink then stamp or write with the marker the words “spell book” on one and “poison” on the other.

-Using the glue stick adhere the ” spell book” label to the spine of the book.


-Open the glass bottle charm and fill it with the tiny beads, add a little liquid glue to the opening and put back in the cork, this will seal it shut so the beads won’t come out.

-Tie threads and fibers to the loop on top of the bottle charm. Use the glue stick to glue the “poison” label to the bottle and then liquid glue to adhere the bottle inside the book.


-Run double sided tape along the inner edge of the book and adhere the tinsel strand.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!