DIY Prince / Princess Crown

DIY Prince / Princess Crown

On their Birthday, let your little Prince or Princess truly feel like one! DIY Golden Crowns are just what they need to be the 'Little Rulers' of the Party & of course the house!

What you need

Golden Glitter Dust, Card Stock Paper or Chart Paper, Scissors, Stapler, Glue, Crystal Stickers


So your little Prince / Princess is having a birthday party, then isn’t a lovely little Golden Crown a must have? Don’t fret over spending over plastic Crowns or Headbands… Do it Yourself!

Here’s how:

1) Gather the following supplies:

2) Cut a 20 inch x 2 inch strip of card stock paper (chart paper). Join the ends (a 1 cm overlap) using a stapler. Cut 3 triangular pieces measuring around 3 inch long. Stick crystal stickers in the front (as many as you like).

4) Now apply glue on the strip (evenly all along using a brush) & gently dust it with glitter. Similarly, cover the three triangles in golden dust.

5) Now staple the three triangles gently on the back side of glitter covered front. Apply a very thin line of glue on the staple pins & cover them with dust too (so that they are not visible). Instead of stapling you can glue them, but it just takes long time to dry & can get messy at times….

And Viola!… Use it for Birthday Party, Fancy Dress, Games or just let her be your Princess, everyday!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!