Hair Clip Holder – Canvas Print

Hair Clip Holder – Canvas Print

This craft project shows you how to upcycle a cheap kids canvas print and turn it into a hair clip holder.

What you need

Store Bought Canvas Kids Print
Craft Glue
2-3 yards of matching Ribbon or cord


Start by finding a canvas print that is big enough to store all your clips. The one we used (owl design $5) is 15 x 15 inch.

We picked ribbons that matched our owl print color scheme. Simply glue lengths of ribbon over the canvas and secure at the back with glue. Allow enough space between ribbon lengths for the hair clips to fit on.

Once finished simply clip the hair clips onto the ribbons for easy storage.

You can use the frame on a shelf or attach it to a wall, remember to make it low enough so your little girl can reach (or high enough so they can’t).

What do you think of this project? Let us know!