Christmas Tree: Tactile Twigs

Christmas Tree: Tactile Twigs

This very tactile Christmas craft project shows you how to make and decorate a garden twig tree that can be decorated to your kids satisfaction!

What you need

Spray paint in festive color
Pompoms, bows ribbons, bangles etc.
Wire for hanging
optional battery operated tree lights


Start by selecting your twigs.

Ours was drilled and glued into a large log from granddads yard, but you could use a plant pot filled with rock, soil or plaster of Paris.

Spray paint your twigs in a festive color or for a natural look leave them plain.

Decorate your tree with any items you child wants to hang, drape and twist around the tree.

We used bangles, bows, pom poms, threaded on lengths of wire and hooked onto the tree.

Our daughter added stickers and glitter over the holiday weeks.

It was great fun!



  1. Way cool–you could also make it a “nature only” tree and have your little one fashion ornaments/decorations only with things they find out in nature!

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