Glittering Heart Brooch

Glittering Heart Brooch

All items for this project can be obtained from any good craft store. It is great way to create a brooch that you can make out of fabric.

What you need

Square of fabric
Gold fabric paint
Wood heart Shape
Brooch Pin
Craft glue


Start by placing glue onto the top of your heart shape and laying the fabric down on top. Press it down with your fingers from the middle to the edges (to release any air bubbles).

Allow it to dry before cutting the access fabric away from the shape of the heart.

Now using your gold fabric paint, line the outside of the heart with a thin line to give it a nice glistening border. You may want to add some squiggles in the center of your heart as well.

Use the craft glue to glue on your buttons to give it a crazy patchwork look.

To finish off, glue your wooden heart to the brooch pin and allow it to dry securely before wearing.


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