Give new life to old furniture. See how easy this was!

Give new life to old furniture. See how easy this was!

Looking for ways to revamp your old furniture? Well, you've come to the right tutorial! In this tutorial I'll show you how to revamp a plain old chair into a colorful and fancy one through 5 easy steps!

What you need

For this project you’ll need:
1. Old chair – stainless steel chair with foam seat and back
2. Spray paint
3. Printed fabric
4. Thread and sewing machine
5. Scissors


Step-1: Clean your chair with a dry cloth. You can use spray paint to paint the stands of the chair. I used yellow spray paint. Better to place the chair outside while painting. Simply spray 2 coats of paint on the stands and allow the paint to dry entirely

revamp chair (2)

Step-2: Select a printed fabric for your chair. I’m using this colorful floral printed fabric. Measure the size of the back side of the chair (only the foam part). Cut out a piece of fabric double the size of the back side plus 2 inches extra along all 4 sides, for sewing. Fold the sides once and sew along the folded parts. Not fold the fabric piece into half.

revamp chair (3)

Step-3: Sew along the 3 sides of the folded fabric. Keep 1 side open so that we can insert it through the chair’s back side. The corners of my chair is round so I had to sew the corners in a round shape. Cut the corner fabric into round shape after sewing. Turn the right side out and the cover for the back side of the chair is ready!

revamp chair (4)

Step-4: Now measure the seat of the chair and cut a piece of fabric by keeping 2 inches extra along width and keep 6 inches extra on the other side. Similarly fold the sides once and sew along the sides. The width is ready. Now fold in the other side (the width of the chair seat from front to back). Sew the sides of the folded part and keep the middle part open so that you can insert the front side of the chair seat through it. Similarly fold and sew the back side. Make sure to sew with the fabrics’ wrong side facing out. When you’re done stitching turn the right side out. The seat cover is ready.revamp chair (5)

Seat-5: Now simply insert the seat cover and the top cover of the chair. There is an alternative way for covering the chair’s seat and back. You can attach the fabric with the seat and back directly without making the extra covers. In this case you’ll have to use hot glue to attach the sides. Doesn’t matter which technique you follow make sure to keep it nice and neat. Enjoy!

revamp chair (9)

What do you think of this project? Let us know!