Recycled Belt – Hearts & Flower Bracelet

Recycled Belt – Hearts & Flower Bracelet

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What you need

Recycled Leather Belt
Scissors or Sharp Blade
Elastic jewelry cord
Hole punch
Paper clips
2 key rings or large jump rings.
Permanent marker pen


This recycled craft project shows you how to make a masculine bracelet cuff using a recycled leather belt.

This project uses a wide belt with a burgundy colored finish.

Start by cutting out a heart shape or it could be any shape you like.

Using a permanent gold maker pen, Draw a flower on the center of the heart, you could use a rubber stamp of your choice, or any pattern of your choice.

Use a the marker to drawn a line all around the outside edge of the heart to give it definition.

Using a small finish nail, and a hammer, punch a hole at each end . Open up a paper clip (or use jewelry findings), and form a loop at the end with needle nose pliers. Pass this loop into the punched nail hole on one side of the heart. Using the pliers tighten the loop closed, and cut the paper clip long enough to form another loop, (about 1 inch long.)

Add your beads as shown and create another loop at the end of your wire to connect it to the next section as shown.

Cut two 3/4 inch sections from another belt, (or the same belt as the heart, it doesn’t matter), and attach to the loop at the end of the beaded piece.

On the other side of these end pieces of leather, punch two holes with a finish nail and a hammer.

Form a loop at the ends of two more paper clips, which have been opened up, place a black bead onto the paper clip, and cut the remainder of the paper clip off, leaving enough to form a loop, then form a loop.

The bracelet is now finished except for the closure. If you have closures, you may use whatever you have.

To make the closures shown in the picture, open up two paper clips. Form a loop at one end, then using the pliers for support, bend the paper clips down to form a “u” shape, cut off the excess, and form a small loop at the end.

This closure somewhat resembles ear ring wires, and you can slip them into the loops at the other end of the belt.


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